Europeana Newspapers is making historic newspaper pages searchable

We’re doing this via two prominent cultural heritage websites: Europeana and The European Library. Our project is:

  • Funded under the European Commission’s CIP 2007 – 2013 programme;
  • A three-year project, running until March 2015;
  • Aggregating 18 million historic newspaper pages for Europeana and The European Library;
  • Converting 10 million newspaper pages to full text. This will help users quickly search for specific articles, people and locations mentioned within the newspaper;
  • Creating a special content viewer to improve online newspaper browsing. Try the prototype;
  • Building tools that will allow professionals to better assess the quality of newspaper digitisation in relation to level of detail, speed and costs.

For the most recent news from the project please see our blog. You can also read about 6 of our main goals and use our glossary.