Videos, logos, flyers, postcards & stickers

VIDEOS – The project has produced two videos, which you are welcome to show at events or to embed on your website.

LOGOS – Download the image below or, for more variety and the highest quality, grab our Logo package (TIFF, PSD, PNG, GIF).

Europeana Newspapers logo







ILLUSTRATION – At our final workshop in London, illustrators sketched the key points from our discussions and presentations. The resulting graphic is licensed CC-BY, which means it’s free to download and reuse.


LEAFLET – A double-sided flyer in A5 size. Print it as a leaflet or on other materials such as the cover of a notepad. It’s available in English and French.









POSTCARD – We have produced several postcards featuring interesting newspaper pages from our project. Download and print them for your professional event!

PRESENTATIONS  – We have a general presentation about the project, and a presentation template available for use.

POSTERS – We have several posters which can be downloaded as high-resolution PDFs, ready for printing.

The first poster was presented at LIBER 2014, and would be suitable to present at other conferences. It can be printed up to A0 size.

The second poster highlights the variety of content that Europeana Newspapers is aggregating.

Promotional Poster for Europeana Newspapers








The third poster shows how we will make newspapers available digitally and illustrates some of the topics that could be researched via newspapers.

Europeana AGM Poster








Three posters were developed by the National Library of the Netherlands for our Closing Period (targeted at the general public). Download them here. Poster #3. Poster #4. Poster #5.

The seventh poster can be customized with the images of your choice.









STICKER – Small but effective: download the graphic, have it printed and get sticking!

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.48.51 AM








Our first press release is available in English, as well as in:

Our second press release is available in English, as well as in:

Our third press release is available in English, as well as in: