Illustrating the Issues Related to Digital Newspapers

At the end of September, the Europeana Newspapers Project held its final workshop: Newspapers in Europe and the Digital Agenda for Europe. The 75 people who attended discussed the policy issues related to improving access to digitised historic newspapers, and brainstormed ways of overcoming these issues.

Summing up the discussions were four graphic recorders, from Getekend Verslag and Creative Connection. Their finished illustration gives a unique overview of the main points from the speakers and break-out groups.


Working from left to right, we first see an overview of the main points from the speakers on Day 1, followed by the highlights of in-depth discussions on topics such as Copyright, User Engagement and OCR.

speakers zoom  in

copyright zoom  in

The entire illustration is licensed CC-BY 4.0, which means you’re welcome to download, copy and distribute it, as long as you credit Europeana Newspapers. A high-resolution version (50MB file) can also be freely downloaded.

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