This day in history: 28 November 1932

Cacao add, L’Ouest Éclair 28 November 1932, page 12

This “article” is an advertisement for the brand of cocoa powder Phoscao where an “ideal” breakfast for all is announced. It is also explained that, where tea and coffee gives a simple “boost” to the drinker, Phoscao “nourishes, strengthens and stimulates without tiring the stomach”!

L’Ouest Éclair, 28 November 1932

This advertisement comes from the newspaper L’Ouest-Eclair (Nantes local edition). It was established in 1899 and stopped in 1944. This newspaper, originated from the region of Brittany, was created on a Christian basis and has a republican and social sensitivity. L’Ouest-Eclair is the ancestor of Ouest-France.

Did the article report the event as we know it from history books?

No, of course. Nowadays, no one would dare to say that the hot chocolate is more digestible that coffee or tea, or even more claim that cocoa powder is the “most perfect regulator of digestive functions”!

Do you want to say something else about this article or newspaper? 

What is a bit astonishing in this article is the fact that a free sample could be sent, something which is unbelievable nowadays.

It could also be noticed that there is a huge difference compared to the current advertisements: the (very) explanatory text on the brand is a lot more visible than the picture. We don’t see a lot of relations between the picture and the text.

The French version of this article is available here.

Thanks to Asia Vincent-Coffin on behalf of BnF, 13 years old, future journalist.


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