Wanted: Historic Newspaper Researchers

The Europeana Cloud project is seeking researchers who are interested in innovative ways of working and researching with historic newspapers. Those interested can fill out this form and more details are available below.

What can be analysed?

Image credit: Das Interessante Blatt, 18 September 1919. National Library of Austria

Via the Europeana Newspapers project a corpus of newspapers drawn from the digitised collections of over 20 libraries in Europe has been created. This corpus includes over 10 million pages of OCR’d full text and images, and metadata records relating to several million more issues. Much of the data is in the public domain and available for re-use.

How will we do this?

Work Package 3 of Europeana Cloud contains many developers and human-computer interaction experts. These experts now wish to work with digital humanities or social sciences researchers to build services and tools that exploit this data and help answer research questions that cannot practically be researched without the technology. For example:

  • What is the typical sentiment in the reporting of different papers on specific historical events?
  • To which locations are historical protagonists tied in the reporting and how does this evolve over time?

How can I take part?

Europeana Cloud has already built similar tools for early modern philosophers and musicologists. If you or your research group is interested in doing the same for historic newspapers, please fill in this short form (10 lines maximum).

See more at: http://pro.europeana.eu/get-involved/projects/project-list/europeana-cloud/europeana-cloud-blog/wanted-historic-newspaper-researchers

– by Alastair Dunning, The European Library/Europeana Foundation

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