Be the first one to test the Europeana Newspapers Browser!

On September 16th the Europeana Newspapers Project is organising a workshop on Aggregation and Presentation at The European Library’s conference:  Promoting innovation in Europe.

In this workshop The Europeana Newspapers Browser will be presented and participants will get the chance to test it.  Channa Veldhuijsen from the KB will talk about usability testing and will open the discussion on designing an interface for historic newspapers that responds to users’ expectations. The discussion will be based on the Europeana Newspapers browser, one’s own experiences and four case studies from partner libraries:

This workshop is particularly aimed at:

  • Cultural heritage professionals (e.g. from libraries, archives, museums, universities)
  • Newspaper publishers
  • Usability experts


How to register for the Europeana Newspapers workshop:

Step 1: Register here for the conference:

Step 2: Confirm your conference registration with “ENP workshop” in the subject line to:


Want to know more about what to expect?

Have a look at the  Amsterdam Workshop agenda

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