Animators Wanted: Make A Film About Our Project

The Drawing Hand (Photo by Andreas Levers on Flickr)
The Drawing Hand (Photo by Andreas Levers on Flickr)

Are you a talented animator, with a passion for historic newspapers?

We’re searching for someone to create an animated film about our project.

Our goal is to highlight the importance of the Project and the work being done by our many partners. This includes the following points:

  • A large volume of material, some 18 million pages, is being made available;
  • Technology (eg. Optical Character Recognition) is being used to make it possible for people to search for specific articles, names and locations mentioned in the papers;
  • Searching will be possible through a dedicated web-based browser;
  • The newspapers come from across Europe and cover a 250-year timespan, giving researchers a unique chance to gain a pan-European view of major historical events (eg. WWI, the sinking of the Titanic);
  • The content applies to the ordinary person (for example, someone interested in family history or the history of the area in which they live) as much as to the professional researcher.

Perhaps most importantly, we would like the resulting animation to tell an engaging story, rather than simply being a series of facts. We are not looking for an encyclopedic presentation of information.

Proposals should be sent by October 18th, 2013. Download the full details of how to submit a quote, and more information on what we’re looking for.

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