This Week in Turkish History: Looking Back At Historic Newspapers

This week, the Turkish National Library, a partner in the Europeana Newspapers project, is highlighting three articles from its archives. The digitised newspapers being contributed by the library to this project will soon be added to our browser for historic newspapers, and to the cultural heritage portal Europeana.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.35.00 AM15 December, 1908

The front page of the Sabah newspaper tells about the opening of the Second Chamber of Deputies, and the composition of a national anthem for this chamber.

The Second Constitutional Era (Turkish: İkinci Meşrûtiyyet Devri) of the Ottoman Empire began shortly after Sultan Abdul Hamid II was forced to restore the constitutional monarchy, following the 1908 Young Turk Revolution. This resulted in the revival of the Ottoman Turkish Newspapersparliament, the General Assembly of the Ottoman Empire. The 1876 constitution was also restored.

Both parliament and the constitution had initially been suspended for over three decades by Abdul Hamid II in 1878 after only two years of functioning, which had ended the First Constitutional Era.

16 December, 1918

In this article of the Vakit newspaper, it is reported that the first airmail and passenger transportation with aircraft started providing a service to Germany. Also, air transport enterprises started in Turkey.

16 December, 1915

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.47.15 AMThis issue of Ikdam Newspaper contains several interesting images:

  • An overview of the military situation in Europe’s war
  • A map showing the latest military situation against the enemy states in Europe.
  • A map showing the latest military situation related to the Iron Curtain

The situation of troops in relation to various countries is also reported.



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