Inside view on refinement to be presented in Belgrade

Belgrade NewspaperHow does the Europeana Newspapers project select digitised newspapers for refinement? The answer to this question will be revealed at our upcoming workshop in Belgrade, Serbia.

Digitisation experts, librarians, metadata specialists and technology providers will come together at the workshop to hear how the Europeana Newspapers Project is working to refine more than 10 million digitised newspaper pages. These pages will then be aggregated via the The European Library and made available to the Europeana ecosystem of online services.

The workshop will also be an excellent chance to meet and network with the official partners of the Europeana Newspapers project.

Registration is free for the event, which will be held on June 13-14th.

If you are unable to attend the workshop in person, you can still learn more about the work of the Europeana Newspapers Project through two documents.

  1. Dataset For Refinement: This document describes the selection of digitised newspapers to be refined, aggregated and ingested. It begins with an outline of the process for selecting the source material and continues with a more detailed description, as well as a detailed record of the overall data set (eg. amount of titles, pages selected, languages, timeframe covered).
  2. Specification Of Requirements For Refinement:  This document outlines the technical and administrative requirements related to refinement, when the aim is to further integrate the content into the Europeana ecosystem. It describes the technical requirements for processes such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Layout Recognition (OLR) and Named Entities Recognition (NER). There is also an explanation of the workflow for delivery of content, and of the various software tools and technologies used to support the process.

We hope to see you, along with our project partners, in Belgrade! Register here:

Image credit: University of Belgrade Library “Svetozar Markovic”.

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